Saturday, 24 March 2018

Road Hockey

For some the hockey season is over and done, but for those kids who eat, breathe and live hockey, the season is never done. They just change the venue from the arena to the street.

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Sports Sunday

I have been watching sports all afternoon, two of my favorites, golf and tennis. I am amazed at tennis pro Roger Federer, who has been winning consistently this season and last, at 36 years of age, and after a 6-8 month absence due to injury.

The final match is still playing for the Indian Wells tournament, and it is nail biting. Second set went to a tie break and this third and deciding set is very grueling to say the least.

I was also watching the Arnold Palmer Invitational in Orlando, Florida. I'll admit I haven't paid much attention to golf, not since Tiger Woods went off with his numerous back issues. Many said he would never be back, or ever play to his old form. Well, last weekend he came in tied for second, and this week he was a serious contender until the 16th hole.

Rory McIlroy is back, and I suspect was the winner, though I turned off to see the end of the tennis.

I have always been surrounded by sports. My Dad was a pro football player, and played both golf and tennis into his retirement. The television was always set to some sports event or another. My son played hockey and I earned the title of Hockey Mom.

I watch hockey, usually just the Maple Leafs, our 'home' team. I try to keep up because my grandson and son-in-law are such fans

I like sports, and will watch the Blue Jays once they are home and the season begins.

I spend most evenings crocheting, or reading, and sports make a nice background. If something exciting happens the announcers always give you warning, and then there's the instant replay. I don't have to worry about what I am missing when my eyes are on my work instead of the screen.

Come on guys, let's get this done. Third and final a tie...and Del Potro has finally beaten Roger Federer. Darn. It was exciting, but not the outcome I'd hoped for, but now I can go back to what I was doing.

Friday, 16 March 2018

My Addiction

I am addicted to yarn, and as I already having a fondness for on line shopping...have found myself in a spot of trouble. I got an e mail from my favorite yarn company offering 30% off some yarns, and clearance prices for others.

I have ordered from this company before, and loved the yarn and their prompt service. Problem is that this is a US company and as I live in Canada I need to convert to Canadian currency. Fortunately I can do that conversion as I order.

Also, in order to get free shipping I need to order $75 worth of product, so that makes the bill a lot more when I convert. I have a strange way of justifying my order. If the price in Canadian is less than or on par with what I can buy local, it's a good deal, and the color selection is so much greater.

If the shipping was going to be about $15 or $20 dollars, and I was close to the $75 dollars in my order, I just ordered more. If the money is going out, one way or another, it might as well go for yarn. That's how I justify making the order
I live a quiet life, don't take vacation, the highlight being family get-togethers or meals out with friends, so I figure I can spend my money on yarn as I get so much pleasure out of creating, and giving.

I have made baby hats for the newborn nursery, chemo hats for the hospital and hats and scarves for the women's shelter. My family (the girls) are fussy and I learned not to waste my time making things they would never wear. My son likes sweaters as he's an outdoors guy, and his kids are always taking hats I've made for winter.

Their other grandmother knits and makes them hats and mitts so I wasn't surprised when they pulled out a huge bag of hats we have made them over the years.

I occasionally get requests to make items, like a family set of matching Christmas stockings or funny hats. I only charge friends for yarn, giving my time for free.

This last order, was troublesome. I wanted the colors to start my Christmas crochet. That's when I make every person in the family the same type of thing. I've done hats, of course, then slippers, socks, and last year surprised them all with a stuffed animal. I make 15 in all, whatever it is. The fun for me is finding that pattern for each individual. Boy, are they going to be surprised this year.

I had some computer trouble when placing my order and parts of it were, tripled. It happened to be the Christmas order. So, rather than send it back I decided to keep it and figured the charities I crochet for would get a nice donation next year.

I had to scurry to store it all, and have yarn tucked away in every nook and cranny of my small place. If need be I know the kids will store a bin for me but I like to keep it close, just in case my creative urges need that particular yarn to be satisfy my inner artist.

I am a happy hooker, hoarder, whatever.

Monday, 12 March 2018

Time Change

There have been a number of articles and conversations about the time change and the negative effect it can have on people. One of those negatives is when you forget to change your clocks and arrive early...or late.

A few years ago I was to meet my brother for lunch. The clocks had changed the previous weekend, back, as it was autumn. When we are meeting I get ready and leave, and either shop first if I am very early, or sit and read, whatever works for the day. I don't wear a watch and depend on the clock in my car.

That day I was reading, and reading, and reading. It seemed like I was there forever...and where the hell was my brother? He was never late, and here he was over 45 minutes late, and I was worried as he drives across the city. With no cell phone he couldn't contact me.

I went into the restaurant where we habitually met and hoped he might have called and left me a message. No. He was now over an hour late and I was getting very scared.

Suddenly I saw him appear through the windows, walking casually, taking time for that last drag on his smoke before entering. Need I say, last straw. Safe and sound, just rude and late.

"Where have you been?" I asked, my stress showing.

"What? I'm only a minute late."

Then it dawned, I was going by the time in my car, that I had not changed. So he was on time and I another time zone.

Yesterday I called my 90 year old neighbor to ask if she wanted to go to the grocery store. She said she was just sitting down to lunch. "Late for you, isn't it?" I asked.

"No, it's just noon."

"No," I said, "it's two o'clock." She argued with me, but finally realized what she had done. Instead of the usual 'spring forward' for...well...spring...she did the 'fall back' time change and was now 2 hours out of sync. But, boy, had she ever accomplished a lot for her day thus far.

Myself, I don't mind the time change. But then I have so little structure to my day that I barely notice. I just need to keep all of my clocks current, and have already changed the car.

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Text Talk

When I got the new I phone I was with my daughter and we were in the store for awhile as she had her phones updated and data transferred. I was anxious to try out my new texting ability and texted my son. It was a strange experience.

Me: Hi Sweetie. I have an I phone. I have joined the masses.

Him: Who is this?

Me: It's your Mother. LOL Who did you think it was? Who else calls you Sweetie?

Him: Are you sure? What's the last thing I posted on line? My Mother does not call me Sweetie.

Me: The gun control thing on Facebook. Better call you Kiddo.

Him: That's better. LOL

I was assuming that my name showed up as a caller, not just the number. Of course, he wouldn't recognize a strange number. I laugh at how cautious he was, and if I'd thought about it, I would have used kiddo from the start. I was just eager to get started.

Written communication, texting, does not always come across as the sender might have intended. Comments can be taken seriously when actually meant as a joke. That's why there are so many LOL's used, just in case.

I have a strange sense of humor, one that my granddaughter doesn't get, but then she's only nine. I texted her one school day and asked what she'd studied that day. She replied "tobacco". I questioned her further..."about how they grow it or did they take you out behind the shed and teach you how to smoke?"  It was the grow part. She ignored the rest.

I tried again, on a Saturday morning, asking what she was up to. The answer was they were having a laundry party. I knew that meant the family was all involved in doing laundry and putting it all away. When both parents work it's often a weekend chore.

My reply was...."Are you fluffing and folding? Will there be music and dancing?"

Her reply was not as enthusiastic..."it's just what Dad called doing the laundry".

I know this kid has a great sense of humor, but she needs the face to face, otherwise I may become that strange old lady they call grandma.