Tuesday, 5 December 2017

"Good Morning"

I was watching television the other day and there was an orange juice commercial on and I recognized the music, a cherry song singing Good Morning".

It struck me that a good percentage of viewers might not recognize the music, or know of the movie from which it came.

"Singing in the Rain" made in 1952 was a musical starring Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds and Donald O'Connor. You may not be familiar with the movie, but I bet you've seen bits and pieces, remakes etc of one of the most famous musical numbers ever made.

That scene..."Singing in the Rain" is well known, and deserves every accolade its received.

Here is a clip from the movie, another musical number with the three stars, singing you a Good Morning.



Sunday, 3 December 2017

Love a Duck

I love making new traditions, and have started a number in the last few years. One that is fun is the joke gift.

The first was an outhouse, occupied with a singing outdoorsman that just had to go to my son. I can't remember the song, but it made everyone laugh. I loved the detail, like the roll of toilet paper hanging outside the door.

The next year it was a Lego type Zamboni, in a 109 pieces, but the best was it had the Toronto Maple Leafs logo on the side. This went to my son-in-law, one of their most die hard fans.

Last year it was a very pretty frame, for selfie pictures, with the title Queen of Selfies in pink, and when you shook it, there was a flutter of sparkles. Perfect for my granddaughter.

About July or August, my nine year old granddaughter starts asking who is getting the joke gift. I always give her the same answer. "I don't know until I see it."

As she is the most ardent of fans for this new tradition, I had to give her the joke gift this year. But what?

Somehow, in conversation, I found out that a duck is her favorite animal. Really, a duck!

It has been the root of many other jokes since that time. When she got her new winter coat, purple in color, I said I would make her a duck hat, but it had to be purple to match. I did make the hat, but it was bright yellow, and she loved it.

When I saw a soft velour house coat, in bright yellow, with a duck head hood, I knew I had my joke gift.

Yesterday we had a family gathering for Christmas and she was given her 'joke' gift and she loved it. The other tradition I started a few years ago was the making of one item, crocheted, for every member. It was hats the first year, then slippers, hats and mitts and last year socks. So what to do this year.

I decided to surprise everyone by making them stuffed animals, and they were delighted. Now I have to think what to do next year, whatever it is is x 13, so I have my work cut out for me.

Thursday, 30 November 2017


Tuesday nights, when my granddaughter plays indoor soccer, we gather here for for dinner and travel together to the game. My old Velma, being a van, holds us all and I avoid night driving by having a designated driver.

As we we going out the door, my grandson looked toward the bookcase and said that's a something, something pentagon. What he was looking at was a very pretty candle holder/vase/bowl in a mottled gold. It looks very pretty at night when lit by one of my flameless candles.

The shape is made up of joined pentagrams, five sided shapes for those of you not up on your math. t

I was impressed that he noted the shape as said object is tucked in with my books and other collectibles on a very full wall of shelves.

Then he noted the ceiling fan and said the fans were elliptical in shape.

Now I was duly impressed. Not only had he obviously listened in class, but he had taken that information and applied it to real life, recognizing how those shapes were used not only in creating something artistic, like my candle holder, but also functional like in the blades of my ceiling fan.

So there, Dad, that talk about paying attention in class and applying himself to his studies paid off.

Toilet Paper

A few days ago I was in the bathroom and used the last of the roll of toilet paper. I picked up the new roll and left it on the counter, too lazy to make that supreme effort of changing the roll. The curse of living alone.

Next time in I changed the roll and thought about why the toilet paper companies went to the mega rolls...to make life easier for people like me.

It really is cost saving to buy the big rolls, as they seem to be more tightly wound. The smaller rolls I purchased, on sale, are so loose I could pull the cardboard tube out with ease.

All this heavy thinking about toilet paper reminded me of that old cartoon from For Better or For Worse about the Mom yelling at the kids for not replacing the roll of toilet paper when they used the last of it. The answer was...because she did, as most mothers would probably agree.

The new roll of toilet paper could sit on the counter for days until Mom comes along and puts it in its proper place.

I know this for a fact as I had the toilet paper sitting on the counter when the family came and after one of the grandkids used the bathroom it was still there. Whereas, when I have used the last sheet of toilet paper at someone else's home, I change the roll. It's a Mom thing.

And as I have a touch of OCD, and I like the toilet paper to hang over rather than under, I sometimes change the roll to my way of thinking. I wonder if anyone ever noticed or if it even matters to anyone else.

I do think from now on I'll continue to buy my toilet paper on sale, but from now on I'm looking for the mega roll.

Monday, 20 November 2017

Window Painting

We were in the car at the gas station, waiting for my son to pump the gas and his wife in the attached Tim Horton's getting coffee. We could see the windows had been painted with bright holiday designs.

"How do they do that?" my grandson asked.

I told him it was painted on, but as we looked at the designs I thought I could see a faint clear edge around the design and wondered if it was actually a vinyl stick on.

Yesterday I was in a different Tim Horton's (yes, we drink a lot of tea and coffee) and I saw a woman on a ladder, outside, painting the festive holiday designs. I was wrong, it was painted after all. I watched and was amazed by how sure her stroke was, and was envious of her skill.

I paint, paintings, not windows, and I have never had that sure and easy of a stroke. For one, I need my hand supported and have never learned to do what some artists do and rest my hand on a bat sort of thing, when working on a easel or vertical surface.

I went outside to speak to her, and relate our conversation from earlier in the week about how these windows were done.

She was glad to talk about her work. Apparently she went to school to learn the lettering for sign painting, and for painting large scale murals, like what you see on the side of buildings. She said she used a non reflective paint, so the design was not lost in the refection of the sky that was obvious in the glass.

She also told me that when Tim Horton's redesigned their old coffee shops, they went with the double paned windows with special glass which distorts the designs if painted on the interior of the window. So all the designs are painted on the outside.

We had an interesting conversation, and I think she was pleased to talk about her work, and to know it was appreciated.

Funny, I was in a store after that and saw a man painting his holiday cheer, on the inside of the store window. It was an older building, and obviously did not have the more efficient double pained windows.

The things you learn when you ask questions and have a friendly chat.